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WIHA is an equestrian competition where individuals compete as a team. Your team belongs to a district which corresponds to the county where your school is located. The goal of WIHA is to get as many schools as possible to recognize this as a sport and allow the students to letter.

WIHA was founded in 2007 with 7 teams.

Wisconsin lnterscholastic Horesmanship Association (WIHA) a state wide youth organization was founded in May of 2007 by Dan Grunewald. Shortly after Dan started the WIHA Corky and Don Smith, Suzanne Lois, and Diane Peterson enthusiastically came aboard and with combined efforts spread the word about the WIHA. The State of Wisconsin bas been divided into eighteen districts, with the hope of getting eighteen volunteers to head up those districts and organize WIHA horse shows. We are well on our way to seeing this vision becoming reality.

The first WIHA show was held in Jefferson, WI in 2007 and had seven teams in competiotion. Excitment for the WIHA was felt through everyone that competed and all the spectators. Since this inaugural show many youth and adults are getting involved wanting to know how they can get the WlHA started in their school.

In 2008 WIHA held a series of informational meetings to more than twenty two counties and several horse related organizations across the state of Wisconsin. From these meetings District and Team coaches volunteered and started the process of gmillg the WIHA organized as a team sport in their schools. During the May 2008 WIHA horse show, ten teams competed.

  • 2008 - 10 teams
  • 2009 - no info collected
  • 2010 - 54 teams and 255 students
  • 2011 - 43 teams and 301 students
  • 2012 - 63 teams and 357 students
  • 2013 - 70 teams and 391 students
  • 2014 - 67 teams and 377 students
  • 2015 - 66 teams and 334 students

    Each team belongs to a division. The division depends on the number of students you have on your team.

  • Division A = 11-14 riders
  • Division B = 6-10 riders
  • Division C = 3-5 riders
  • Division D = 1-2 riders

    There are 3 district shows in a season. You can have one day double judged which would count as 2 shows. The two top teams in each division will compete at the State WIHA Show.

    The classes are placed 1-10.  Each placing has points associated with it (1st =10pts, 2nd = 9 pts etc.)

    To become a Coach/Volunteer or to set up a team in your area please contact us at wihakids1@yahoo.com, or go to contact page.

    WIHA Class List (Grade 6-12)

    1. Western Showmanship
    2. Saddle Seat Showmanship
    3. Hunt Seat Showmanship
    4. Saddle Seat Equitation
    5. Saddle Seat Bareback Equitation
    6. Hunt Seat Equitation
    7. Hunt Seat Bareback Equitation
    8. Hunter Hack Equitation
    9. Western Showmanship
    10. Western Bareback Horsemanship
    11. Western Reining (even years) or Discipline Rail (odd years)
    12. Reinsmanship
    13. Trail
    14. Timed Events Pattern
    15. Timed Events Pattern
    16. Timed Events Pattern
    17. Timed Events pattern
    18. Two Person Relay